Let me tell you one thing: Getting married is something really wonderful! And as the wedding day is said to be the happiest day of your life (at least it really was the happiest day of my life so far), you definitely need the best possible outfit. So about one year ago I met Julia Sophie, a bridal fashion designer from Austria.

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What a special day

I first met Julia Sophie on 14.02.2020, when Corona was nothing more than some distant news on TV and hardly anyone ever thought it was going to affect us in the way it did. I still remember our first visit quite vividly because I was pretty excited about trying on a wedding dress for the first time ever. And it was Valentine’s Day — what a coincidence! My best friend and marriage witness, who is also called Julia, picked me up in the morning and we both were pretty curious what was about to come.

Julia Sophie gave us a very warm welcome in her studio, which is located in St. Marien, Upper Austria — not far from Linz. I instantly felt comfortable with her. She is such a caring and loving person and you just can’t help liking her. And although I had not met her before, it felt like we had known each other for years! Before we started talking about the wedding and trying on her amazing wedding dresses, she treated us to some cups of coffee and the most delicious vegan chocolate cake you can imagine! We really had a wonderful time sitting in her beautifully furnished and decorated living room talking about anything and everything.

Julia Sophie Bridal

Julia Sophie is a trained haute couture dressmaker who launched her first collection of wedding dresses „La Femme” as a statement for womanhood and women’s individual perfection and passion. She just uses the most exquisite fabrics like silk and lace from France, England and Italy that do not just look amazing but also feel very good on your skin. And the best thing — she sews all of her wedding dresses with lots of passion for detail by hand so each and every dress is an individual.

Finding the Dress

I always had a quite certain idea what my dress should look like — long before Petzi even proposed. And when a common friend told me about Julia Sophie‘s amazing work, I was very happy to find out that her style and sense of aesthetics align with mine. I still remember as it was yesterday, when I first entered her studio, where all the magic happens. And there they all were: her gorgeous wedding dresses! Needless to say I loved spending time in her studio, in this incredibly creative atmosphere, where many more exciting gatherings should follow.

Changing my mind

I already had my eye on a very special dress of Julia Sophie‘s collection before even making an appointment. It actually was the first wedding dress I ever tried. Upon my first look in the mirror wearing a wedding dress it dawned on me — I was really going to be a bride! And suddenly the whole marriage thing began to feel quite real although Petzi and I had been engaged for almost 3 years at this point. But as Julia Sophie‘s dresses are just too gorgeous I kept trying them on and let me tell you — each and every one would have been a real perfect fit! I‘m still really sad about being just able to wear one dress at my wedding, haha 😆 But I wanted a dress that really cried out for me and in the process of trying them all on something really remarkable happened – I actually changed my mind and decided for another one than the design I had originally picked 🙌🏻

Julia Sophie Bridal: No Compromises

When it comes to your wedding and your wedding dress you shouldn’t compromise! Your wedding day is one of the most extraordinary occasions of your life and therefore you should feel special — and very often a special outfit contributes to your comfort in remarkable ways. As finding the dress often is a very emotional process too it is so important that — wherever you buy your wedding dress — you feel comfortable so you can enjoy this very special moment to the fullest! And Julia Sophie did everything to make me feel comfortable. She really tried to understand me, my personal style and all my needs and wishes and really took a lot of time for me.

If you’re looking for a handmade wedding dress I can really recommend to take a look at Julia Sophie‘s website. She doesn’t just put a lot of effort into her gorgeous wedding dresses but she‘s also a very kind person. And I’m really happy that I did not just find the perfect wedding dress but a good friend too!

And then Corona came…

However, it never came about that I actually wore a wedding dress by Julia Sophie Bridal last year unfortunately as Corona interfered with our wedding plans… I told you everything about it in my blogpost WEDDING UPDATE: THE CORONA EDITION. What Julia Sophie designed for our civil wedding instead, I will show you in another blogpost soon. But let me tell you one thing: I actually can’t wait to wear one of her gorgeous wedding dresses this year!

xx Sarah-Allegra


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