WEDDING UPDATE: The Corona Edition

it’s been a bit more than three years since my fiancé asked me to marry him. much time has passed since that day and when back then we chose the 08.08.2020 to be our wedding day, we hadn’t got the slightest clue what was about to come… so it’s time for a little wedding update!

3 years ago…

it’s been a bit more than three years since my fiancé asked me to marry him. I told you everything about this special day and his proposal here. I remember as it was yesterday when we sat on the giant stones at the end of lamai beach, koh samui, gazing into the peaceful distance. it was one of those perfect moments, when he popped the question. I felt like the luckiest girl that day! much time has passed since then. when three years ago we chose the 08.08.2020 to be our wedding day, we hadn’t got the slightest clue what was about to come…

and then corona happened

2020 turned out to be quite a challenging year on so many different levels. when the corona lockdown was decided in the middle of march, we were just about to issue our wedding invitations. but instead we decided to put all our wedding preparations on hold. and so no one ever got an invitation letter — at least not yet… back at this time we were still quite confident that the wedding was about to take place as planned due to two reasons: we wanted to have a small wedding with just 30 guests and it still was several months to go.

our upcoming wedding: what to do?

when about 1.5 month later the lockdown was loosened there still weren‘t any concrete resolutions in regard to weddings. except for the fact that the government wanted to allow small weddings in summer. but what was that supposed to mean? I remember very clearly, that it was pretty tough for me to deal with that uncertainty. I actually had less of a problem with the idea of our wedding being cancelled but that uncertainty, gosh! It was really exhausting! I mean, what was I supposed to do? continue with the preparations and fear until the very last day that the wedding may need to be cancelled? or just postpone everything always keeping in mind that in the end it might have been possible to marry among family and friends in august 2020? as we weren’t so sure about how to evaluate the situation and we were clearly running out of time, in the end we decided to play it safe.

our wedding plans

so we postponed the wedding celebration with family and friends to the 14.08.2021. as this day will be our 8th anniversary, it’s a pretty nice date! our civil wedding however will take place as planned on 08.08.2020 — just attended by our marriage witnesses. cause when you wait three years for that perfect wedding date, you won’t give it up so easily! right?
we are super happy with our decision and we‘re sure it’s the perfect solution for us in the current situation! sometimes life doesn’t turn out as planned, so we just take it as it comes and try to make the best out of the situation! and in the end we are just glad, that everyone around us is safe and healthy!

are you a bride to be? how did you experience the whole situation? did you have to change your wedding plans or even have to cancel it?

xx Sarah-Allegra


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  1. Daniela
    26. Februar 2021 / 11:47

    Schön zu lesen. Meine Schwägerin hat am 08.08.2020 im Schloss in Eferding geheiratet mit rund 50 Gästen und es war einfach traumhaft. Sie hat bis zuletzt gezittert und konnte dann ohne weitere Einschränkungen ihre Traumhochzeit feiern.

    Wir haben uns im April 2020 verlobt und von vorne herein gesagt, dass wir im Juli 2021 heiraten werden. Unser Termin steht aktuell und auch wir werden bis zuletzt hoffen, dass dieser auch stattfinden kann.

    Liebe Grüße aus Eferding

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